Welcome to the launch of the Big Vegan Count!

Worldwide Vegan Counter

This brand new initiative in 2019 has 2 simple aims; to capture the number of vegans there are in the world using our Big Vegan Counter and to be the go-to demographics and statistics resource for you and the rest of your vegan community.

We all know that veganism has now gone mainstream, with 2018 being a pivotal year for the movement and 2019 set to be the biggest year yet. The media give us ballpark figures on the vegan population, based off small scale surveys which we know to be far from the truth. We are therefore determined to show the world just how big the plant-based lifestyle is growing!

There's power in numbers, so come and join us, be part of the Big Vegan Count and get yourself added to the ever-growing total!

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* of the 26925 registered users, 24090 identify as ethical vegans.