About The Big Vegan Count

Thank you so much for visiting (and hopefully being counted in) the Big Vegan Count!

So who are we and why did we decide to set up this initiative?

We are Sophie and Daniel, a plant-powered couple from London (UK) who are very passionate about the ever-expanding Vegan movement. We both participated in Veganuary 2018 and after learning about the effects of the animal agriculture industry on our planet, health and of course the animals, the rest was history!

The idea for this website was born when we realised how many differing statistics were being reported for the number of vegans in the UK (let alone the rest of the world). Some reports stating 350,000 and others saying 3.5 million.

"Madness", I hear you say?

Well, we think so too! We genuinely want to know, as do many vegans we speak with, how many plant-powered people there are in the world now. This is the biggest social justice movement of our time and it's near on impossible to track how quickly veganism is growing in terms of numbers. All the big supermarket and restaurant chains here in the UK are now realising how large the demand for plant-based products is, so we are determined to show the world how prolific veganism is in each and every country.

Our aim for this website is simple; to count the number of vegans in the world and to be the go-to statistics and demographics resource for vegans worldwide. As the number (and our online vegan community) grows, we also hope to be pivotal in helping the vegan movement go from strength to strength.

So thank you once again for being part of this worldwide vegan count, let's stick together and show everyone just how big this community really is! The world is changing, and we can't express enough how grateful we are that you are a part of that change.

There's power in numbers... So let's do this!

Big Vegan Love,

Sophie & Daniel